Ryu Shenshi Martial Arts

Interested in lessons? We offer classes for ALL ages!

Strength • Courage • Wisdom

Little Dragons | Ages 4-6

This program is designed to teach children important life skills in a fun and enriching environment. Our program will provide foundational skills in self-discipline, respect, confidence, focus, and coordination.

Youth Class | Ages 7-12

Our youth class is designed to teach the student about the physical, mental, and self-defense aspects of martial arts. Along with the foundational skills taught from our Little Dragons program, these aspects teach the student to deal with the outside world in a mature and virtuous manner, and be free from inner conflict.

Adult Class | Ages 13+

Our Adult Program is designed to provide a comprehensive workout for individuals interested in learning the martial arts and enriching every part of his or her life. The adult classes give students time to learn the basics and advance at their own pace. We offer our adult students training routines and exercises tailored to their physical capabilities and needs. The development of a person’s mental strength, improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-esteem are all part of the many benefits of martial arts. It is an opportunity to exploit your potential for ultimate success.

Little Dragons 4-6yrs 1 Hour $100/month

Mondays & Fridays 5-6pm

Youth Class 7-12yrs 1 Hour $125/month

Wednesdays 5-6pm

Adult Class 13+ 1 Hour $150/month

Mondays & Fridays 6-7pm

Registration fee $35.00 annually


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